Orr Center – Family Fundamentals

about Orr Center – Family Fundamentals

There’s No Place Like Home

Orr Center offers a structured, multidimensional program that provides appraised intervention to groom severely dysfunctional adults – as responsible parents, in situations in which primary community based programs have failed.

Professionals led by a clinical social worker expert in early- at-risk-childhood, teach & drill parenting skills.   Parents learn to put their children’s needs upfront and ensure a permanent stable home for the child.Therapy techniques include art, dyadic & play therapy; one-on-one & family encounters, therapy within the framework of the family setting.

Orr Center was established, by Shari’s House professionals, as a community based program. Orr Center provides an appropriate location for supervised parent-children meetings, as well as parental nurturing and professional, therapeutic intervention that develops skills necessary to function as independent adults and as parents.

Staff of the Center